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Is your solar system installed with the highest of quality?

Eco Solar The solar industry has hundreds of companies per state installing photovoltaic solar systems and hot water solar systems on rooftops (and ground mounts). Solar technology is proven to be a great investment! I am here to assure that your solar system is installed per industry standards. Is your solar working for YOU?

Has your solar company met the highest install standards?

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Investment Solar
Assuring that your solar system will last your property a lifetime, puts your mind at ease. Solar is not something you want to pay a high price for and recieve a poor quality in return. Before installation, during installation or after your installation - It is NEVER to late to guarentee that your solar is covered and opperating at it's full potential.

Solar Sales

How much does a PV solar system cost to install?

Eco Solar Each system is unique to an individuals need. Based on the watts used per month for the property you can calculate your system size. Priced per watt to install and ADDING up all the rebates offered: federal, state, and utility companies - Solar does not have to be expensive. **Send us a monthly electricity bill and we can calculate your needs, savings, rebates, and how long it will take to pay itself off.


June 2012 Tip

SRP 2012 Fiscal Year REBATES are IN

SRP is offering $0.50 per watt rebate up to 5,000 watts for your PV Solar System. You can maximize your rebate at $2500 for your install. Take advantage of this rebate now as once SRP Territory hits 5 mega watts of INSTALLED solar electric systems then the rebate will no longer be offered for the 2012 Fiscal year (ending May 2013).

APS and TEP are currently offering $0.45 per watt rebate up to 20,000 watts for your solar system.

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Solar Assurance Events

  • Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

  • East Valley
    Jan 24, 2012 - Tuesday
    Solar Tent on Ocotillo just West of Ironwood 3pm -6pm

  • East Valley
    Jan 26, 2012 - Thursday
    Solar Tent on Ocotillo just West of Ironwood 3pm -6pm
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